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SCC | Private Members

SCC | Private Members are a Private Members Club for select sports, super and hyper car owners that all want share the same passion and join an active community. We enhance
members from other existing clubs to owners that are new to club life.

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Please check out our qualifying car list to see if your car qualifies.

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Have a look at our short video of when SCC | Private Members were at Salon Privé this year

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Store My Car offer a dedicated, discreet service to our clients who often travel across the UK to secure their cars with us.

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At Redline247 we host a range of UK and European car tours from the NC500 to the Furka Pass, but we do not do your typical automotive events. We do not do vanilla and we do not just book hotel rooms and Eurotunnel access. We bring the flashing of the kilt and touching cloth movements to give you those trouser tent moments wherever we go.

Whether it’s sombreros in the Pyrenees or flashing the kilt in Scotland we provide a fantastic range of automotive events to tickle every petrolhead’s fancy. If you want to bring the daily or the garage queen it is up to you and if you want to join us solo you can but our tours are based on two people sharing.

We always aim to include everything in our events meaning you just need to fill up the tank and drive. At our Formula E and Formula 1 events we minimise the needs on your behalf allowing you to enjoy the action and get up to what you want to do.

Along with our tours and motorsport events we have a range of supercar meets across the UK throughout the year to give you an excuse to get away from the kids, work or other half and give it some beans, or if you want to bring them you can.

You can find out more about our tours at and if you want to find out more you can email us on [email protected] or call us on 01922745267.

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